Princess is Back in Her Castle

Princess had an embarrassing moment in police custody.

Ok, so remember all the original drama? How poor Princess had been snatched, right out of the yard? The owner even tried to chase down the car she thought two dogsnatchers were making their getaway in, after luring her precious Princess inside!

Doggie Drama. 

But come on, this dog is so cute!

So, here’s the real deal according to police (oh, and there is some more drama, and it’s a bit embarrassing for precious Princess).

Owner lets Princess out in the yard of her Delaware home.
Princess wanders off.
Without a name tag.
17 year old girl, driving down the road, sees Princess “walking aimlessly out in the cold.”
Teen stops to check on dog.
Dog jumps into teen’s car.
Home they go.

Teen returns to neighborhood, talks to some residents, tries to find Princess’ owner.
No luck. Leaves her phone number, just in case.

Neighbor reads article in the local newspaper about the missing Chihuahua.
He pulls out teens phone number, calls New Castle County police.
Police talk to teen.
Police pick up Princess at the teen’s home and get ready for the big reunion.

Drum roll please…

Princess, jumps right into the police cruiser (does anyone else see a pattern here?)
Princess, so excited about the impending reunion, or maybe she just likes riding in cars, has a little “accident” inside the car.

Doggie Drama.

Princess and her owner were reunited Friday morning.
No snatching.
No crime.
No charges.
Case closed on the Doggie Drama in Delaware.

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