Power Up with a Power Nap

Ok.  Admit it!  You could barely drag yourself out of bed this morning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more and more Americans are getting less and less shut-eye.

Some sleep docs say a nap could be the solution if you aren’t catching enough Zzz.  And that’s what Marquita wanted to know.  She e-mailed:

"How do I make a power nap feel like eight hours of sleep?"

Drexel Sleep Center Director Dr. Joanne Getsy has a good tip.

"You want to take a nap that is less than 45 minutes.  The reason for that is if you take a nap that's too long, you'll get into deep sleep and then you'll wake up feeling worse than you did in the first place,” Dr. Getsy said.

Make sure that catnap doesn't make it harder to fall asleep at your regular bedtime, doctors said.

Local sleep Dr. Samuel Krachman says a power nap isn't a bad idea for Susan, too, who asked:

“Am I facing health problems if I take a job with alternating day and night shift work?”

“People who work night shifts overall sleep less during the week compared to people that work days and because of that, your overall amount of sleep is decreasing and it could affect your functioning during the day,” Dr. Krachman said.
People who work unusual hours have more stomach and heart problems, according to research.
Rotating shifts are known to worsen diabetes and epilepsy and night shift workers have more accidents in and outside of work.

“Some tips include to always working no more than three to twelve hour shifts in a row, and when you rotate shifts, always do it in a clockwise manner, like going from night shift to morning shift to afternoon shift,” Dr. Krachman said.

Christina e-mailed:

“Am I gaining weight because I’m not getting enough sleep?"

“It is true that you can gain weight if you don't get enough sleep.  Sleep restores a hormone called Leptin and Leptin is one of the hormones you need to feel satisfied when you eat your food.  So, it is true that if you don't get enough sleep, you can gain weight.  It’s important that you get your seven to eight hours of sleep, and if you are deciding, should I go to the gym or should I sleep, alternate some days.  Go to the gym some days and others sleep late,” Dr. Getsy said.

This isn't intended as a substitute for seeing a doctor.

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