Police: Another Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Cop

A 15th District Philadelphia Police Officer's Crusier Crashed By Suspected Drunken Driver

Just days after a Philadelphia Police Officer is killed by an alleged drunk driver, another officer is hurt in another crash where the driver is being tested for DUI, investigators said.

It happened around two 2:00 am. in Frankford. 

The alleged drunk driver hit the 15th district officer at the intersection of Wakeling and Saul Streets after running a stop sign. 

Investigators say the officer was brought to Hahnemann Hospital in Center City with minor injuries. 

Just Monday, 20-year veteran Sgt. Tim Simpson was killed by a speeding driver who was drunk and had just scored heroine in Port Richmond, according to police.

This morning police arrested the alleged drunk driver who hit the officer in Frankford and charged him wit DUI.



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