Pinkberry vs. Phileo: Battle of the Fro-Yo Shops

In certain dessert-loving circles, Philadelphians who travel to New York are sure to seek out Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt chain found only in the Big Apple and L.A. that’s known for its healthfulness and sweet selection of toppings. But Philly's just given Pinkberry a run for its money with the opening of Phileo Yogurt (416 South St.), a Pinkberry-style fro-yo joint with a twist. NBC sampled both, and pit the two against each other in six categories.


Pinkberry: Coffee, green tea and original.
Phileo: 16 flavors, including plain and green tea like you’ll find at Pinkberry, but also classics chocolate and vanilla and a selection of wildcards that includes pineapple, taro and snickerdoodle.

Winner: Phileo


Pinkberry: Three choices: small (5 oz), medium (8 oz) and large (13 oz). Pinkberry employees will even weigh each cup before they hand it to you, which must be a help to calorie counters.
Phileo: Self-serve means it’s up to you—but all the cups are one size: big.

Winner: Phileo


Pinkberry: A vast array of fruits, cereals, cookies and nuts. The price goes up depending on how many you choose.
Phileo: A similar selection to Pinkberry’s. But because the toppings—like the yogurt—are self-serve, you can try an unlimited amount of as many as you please. Some of the fruit looked as if it has been sitting out for awhile, though, so be forewarned.

Winner: Tie


Pinkberry: Yeah, the flavor selection is limited. But the consistency is, well, consistent. On each visit, the yogurt was creamy and tasted fresh.
Phileo: Mediocre, at best—and melted way too fast.

Winner: Pinkberry


Pinkberry: Depending on the size and toppings you choose, you’ll be paying upwards of $6 for a typical cup.
Phileo: $0.49 per ounce means your treat can get pricey, and fast.

Winner: Tie


Pinkberry: A futuristic dessert shop vibe with a Japanese flair. It just feels trendy.
Phileo: An obvious knock-off of Pinkberry, with similar color schemes and design facets, albeit more space—this is Philadelphia, after all.

Winner: Pinkberry


Pinkberry: A small original frozen yogurt has just 70 calories and is fat free. Of course, that’s before any toppings are added.
Phileo: Low fat? No fat? We don’t know, because there’s nothing about nutrition posted anywhere at Phileo. Which can’t be good. And when asked, the cashier just shrugged and smiled.

Winner: Pinkberry

FINAL TALLY: Pinkberry 5, Phileo 4

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