Going the Distance


The onset of cold weather makes us feel like not leaving the couch, much less keep up with our nascent running scheduling. But we’ll try to compel ourselves to get out Sunday to cheer on folks who have more motivation than we quite possibly ever will: The 15th Anniversary Philadelphia Marathon starts at 7AM, an hour we must admit we don’t often see on a Sunday. For that reason we’ll probably chose a Cheer Zone further along, say maybe mile 18.5 at the Ridge Avenue transfer station… though the way some of these folks run that might not help us too much. The Philly Marathon is a qualifier for the Big One in Boston, and so attracts folks from all over, so many that slots have been sold out for weeks. If you can't bear to even stand in the cold Sunday, you'll be able to watch the action from the website (the link should be in the upper right corner).

If you, like us, are getting into racing at more the 5K end of things, but are still interest in all things running, the Health & Fitness Expo is open to the public today until 7PM and tomorrow from 10AM to 7PM at the Convention Center. And if you are one of the brave souls going the distance, send us some pictures of your finish, so we can admire you (and wonder, just a tiny little bit, about your sanity. But mostly admire you).

15th Anniversary Philadelphia Marathon
Begins at 22nd & Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Image via Philadelphia Marathon website

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