Crypt Dance the Night Away

Drag your feet to the Philly Zombie Prom and dance like the living dead!

The Philly Zombie Prom takes place at the Trocadero Theater on Saturday, September 25 and only costs $10 to get in.

Walk your dead date through the doors at 8 p.m. and smile big for your free Zombie Prom photo before enjoying a night of music and dancing in a walking dead theme.

At the end of the night the two best-looking zombies will receive prizes for King and Queen of the Zombie Prom, so go all out in getting decked out like a dead guy or gal.

Eight makeup crews will  be on hand to help you become the best zombie you can be, so get there early if you need their help because the wait might be deadly.

The Zombie Prom is for people ages 21 and up, so don’t bother trying to get in if you’re underage. After all, there’s nothing worse than an unhappy, underage zombie.

Make sure you buy your tickets from the Troc box office ASAP because people are dying to get in!

Oh yeah, and try not to get too drunk at the event -- who knows what ghoulish creature you may wake up next to.

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