Philly to Keep After-School Program Intact

Kids will have access in all neighborhoods

Good news for students and their parents in Philadelphia.

LEAP after-school programs that offer 80,000 students (grades one to 12) homework and other help will remain open in the new year, Philly Mayor Michael Nutter announced Monday.

All LEAP programs will open as scheduled on January 12, including programs previously housed at the dozen city libraries slated for closing. Programs at these libraries will be moved to nearby locations, said Nutter.

The new locations are within three to eight blocks from their former locations with most programs moving just a few blocks away. 

The effort to preserve after-school services for young people is the reasoning behind the continuation of LEAP, Nutter said.

“Kids love it.  Parents count on it.  We’re preserving it,” Nutter said.

The LEAP program serves thousands of Philly students after school every weekday from September through June. 

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