Philly Ranked Among Least Fashionable in US

"GQ Magazine" calls out the city of Brotherly Love and the Jersey shore in its new rankings.

If you think you're a good dresser, think again, because according to GQ Magazine, Philadelphia has no sense of fashion.

GQ Magazine gave Philadelphia a 6th place ranking on their list of the “40 Worst Dressed Cities in America." The Jersey shore ranked #19 on the list.

The magazine said Philly is in a funk because of a large number of mullets (calling out Kevin Bacon), ironed jeans (calling out Ed Rendell), and “that favorite accoutrement of swashbucklers, ballplayers, and lion tamers alike, the groomed goatee” (calling out Pat Croce).

GQ even took a jab at good ol’ Ben Franklin.

“Ben Franklin (was) admittedly not a keen dresser, tending toward a look we'd describe as ‘Grandma watching tennis on TV while waiting for her wig to dry,’ but a fine statesman nonetheless,” the magazine said.
The rankings had no sympathy for Jersey either. The #19 ranking for the Jersey shore called out the boys of MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore" for their hair gel, long shorts and tight T-shirts.

Problem is, last time we checked, none of the guys were actually from the Garden State.

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