Philadelphia Fish & Co.: Out of the Ocean and Onto Your Plate

Philadelphians might frequently pass Philadelphia Fish & Co. in Old City and think: “I wonder if the seafood there is any good.” With a name like that, one thing’s for sure: The pressure is on. Seafood is its calling card and the sole focus of the cuisine and if it fails on that level the place is basically a sham.

Well rest assured, because Philadelphia Fish & Co. has some damn excellent seafood, with one fish entree that is among the best in the city.

The set up is as basic inside as the presentation on the outside. It isn’t boring, but there isn’t anything loud about Fish & Co. It’s elegant and classy, without going over the top. There is a muted color scheme running throughout the place that induces a very relaxing feel.

The menu is filled with a variety of different fish options, from mussels to swordfish. The appetizers are all delicious, but some stand out more than others; grilled octopus has a remarkably tender consistency and some tang with dijon vinaigrette. The scallops are equally delicious, served in a broth of brown butter and sweet cauliflower puree.

But the entree is where the real deal is. There are several flavorful options, including the spicy barbecue shrimp, but the winner is the yellowfin tuna by a landslide. The reason, once again, is the wonderful sauces, as well as the cooking temperature. The tuna is served alongside a superbly yummy sweet potato puree, and on top of a red wine reduction—the perfect combination of sweet and tart. When the reduction meets the Tuna, the entree reaches perfection. It’s one of the best Tuna dishes I have had in the city.

The desserts, if there’s room, are all acceptable too, with a variety of options including an above average creme brulee that is just a little more flavorful and creamy than most. Actually, that pretty much sums up all the food at Philadelphia Fish and Co. Everything is superbly crafted, cooked and garnished. The restaurant isn’t the cheapest, but you pay for what you get, and if a high quality seafood dinner is what you’re looking for, it’s really a notch above the rest.

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