‘Peep Show' Features Flaming Pasties

Last night's tasteful (very much PG) burlesque extravaganza at the North Star, the Pretty Things Peep Show, had many highlights, but the capper, as always, was Peep Show founder go-go Amy and her remarkable flaming pasties.

Part quaint '20s-era burlesqueria, part traveling circus sideshow, Pretty Things features a raft of other performers such as the sword-swallowing Heather Holliday, The Midget of Mischief" Lil Miss Firefly, and the show's irascible host, Donnie Vomit. The entire gig was also live streamed by go-go Amy, who had a busy night of activities.

Fans of the show, and burlesque in general, are also encouraged to take go-go Amy's traveling Pin Up Class to learn how to be your own sassy model. Not to worry: Flaming pasties are for much more advanced, graduate-level students of the circus arts.

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