Le Bec-Fin Extends “Pay What You Want” Promo

Is chef-owner Georges Perrier crazy? In a new promo he's offering at his swanky eatery, Le Bec-Fin, customers will enjoy a four-course meal for, well, whatever they feel like paying.

And no, he's not crazy. In fact, he trusts his diners.

"Chef feels confident that people will pay what it is worth," said his publicist Patti Klein.

Want take advantage of Perrier's generosity? Just get to Le Bec-Fin at 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and be one of the lucky few that will receive a delicious, albeit smaller, four-course meal (you can bring your own wine) and at the end of your dining experience, you'll receive a blank check with a space for you to write in your own check and tip amount.

It's as easy as that.

Due to the overwhelming number of calls about the promotion, Chef Perrier is extending the deal through August.

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