Passover Feast Going Down at Zahav

Zahav is putting on a Passover Feast beginning on April 18th, and running until April 26th. Executive chef Mike Solomonov, who was just named a finalist for Best Chef:Mid-Atlantic by the Beard Foundation, will be plating classic Jewish staples as well as some updated Israeli dishes in honor of the Jewish holiday, which will cost $42 per person.

The menu includes Salatim and Hummus, served with hand-made matzah; Matzah Ball Soup with smoked chicken and ramps; Gefilte Fish “Escabeche” with fiddleheads and artichokes; Hamachi carpaccio and tartare with beets and horseradish; Brisket “Mina” with coffee, morels and charoset jus; and Rose Hip Macaroons with pistachio frozen custard.

Solomonov takes his heritage and traditions very seriously, but hopes that all diners will partake in the celebration, which commemorates the Hebrew escape from slavery in Egypt. It is said that the Hebrews were in such a hurry to leave Egypt that they did not wait for their bread to rise; hence, matzah, or unleavened, bread is an important component of most Passover celebrations.

“Passover is a time of celebration and remembrance, and both of those things are best done over a great meal, surrounded by family and friends,” says Chef Solomonov. “I hope that our guests – Jewish or not – will join us and bring their loved ones with them to experience this special meal.”

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