Our Newest Obsession on East Passyunk

South Philly is saturated with red-and-white tablecloth Italian joints serving the same stuff on every corner. But at Paradiso, co-owners Corey Baver and Lynn Rinaldi have been pushing avant-garde cuisine since they opened their doors on East Passyunk Avenue six years ago. Sadly, we're only just getting around to noticing now.

While they plate top-notch classics for the old-school diners, more serious eaters will find a progressive menu filled with dishes like Escargot, Sweetbread Ravioli, Shortrib Braciola, and Braised Pork Belly. Baver's talents and technical proficiency, combined with a forward-thinking approach to Italian cuisine, make Paradiso one of the most underrated kitchens in Philly. We stopped in watch Chef Baver make our newest obsession on the Avenue: Crispy Chicken Livers. [The Feast]

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