One Year of Firsts: Try Acupuncture

Day 87

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He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines. ~Benjamin Franklin

A friend asked if I'd ever tried acupuncture. I never have. I'm pretty much a traditional medicine advocate.

But in this year of firsts, why not?

My friend said, "well, do you have any aches or pains?"
"No", I said "but I have plenty of stress!"
"Perfect" she said and within 48 hours (today) I was having needles put into my body.

Acupuncturist Eva Zeller has such a light touch, I could barely feel the needles going in. She studied acupuncture in Japan. I had every confidence I was in good hands, but the point of the needles, again?
Eva explains.

I didn't mention, she looked at my tongue and checked my pulse for my Qi (chee). 

Listen, I know it sounds a little out there, but the Wall Street Journal just did an article about some major studies showing evidence acupuncture therapy eases certain kinds of pain.

There was no voodoo kind of thing going on.  The office was like any doctors office.  It was really interesting.

But when Eva took the needles out I didn't feel anything. She says she went easy, but demonstrated a little more aggressive treatment.

Some say acupuncture works no better than the placebo affect.

I have to tell you, I felt relaxed the rest of the day. I'm not kidding you, I feel stress free. (I even told my mother, who tells me nothing helps her back pain, that she might want to try this. I think she thought I'd lost it.)  Eva says some clients say they sleep like a log after a treatment.

I never sleep like a log.  If that happens, I'll be back for more.

Eva Zeller is at the Acupuncture Medical Practice in Philadelphia.  Find out more at

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