Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant

One thing is important to remember when heading to the Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant – it’s on the second floor. Most people would spy that from simply paying attention. Others walk into the first door they see and wonder why a brewpub smells like oysters.

Tucked away on Sansom Street between 15th and 16th streets, Nodding Head is known for award-winning brews from the darker Grog, an English-style brown ale, to the lighter, smoother 60 Shilling. For a more intriguing brew (if not in name only), try a pint of the Monkey Knife Fight – a blonde lager with lemongrass and ginger – and then try to imagine how the hell it got that name.

The fine print on the beer menu is a little ballsy. Essentially, it states that if you don’t like the beer you ordered, it’s not because it was poorly brewed, but that you just don’t like it. In other words, brewing mistakes are never made over at Nodding Head, you just have a stupid mouth – deal with it.

Nodding Head’s menu is surprisingly expansive, with everything from baked brie to barbequed ribs. But when you’re on a mission to experience each beer they have (some more than once), it doesn’t feel right eating anything but a burger. The Nodding Head burger is topped with coleslaw and swiss cheese with a side some of the finer brewpub fries in Philly and Nodding Head’s mayo dipping sauce.

The kitchen was quick with the food and the wait staff was even quicker to keep our pint glasses full. Oh, and it seems prerequisite to mention the impressive collection of bobble-head dolls. I actually didn’t see them, but I’m sure it’s quite a spectacle.

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