“New Moon” Rises Over Cherry Hill

Actors from the second installment of the Twilight saga paid a visit to area fans

Stars from the second installment of the Twilight saga -- New Moon -- descended upon Cherry Hill, N.J. Tuesday evening to greet fans and talk about the upcoming flick.

Hundreds of screaming girls, some moms and even a few guys lined the halls of the Cherry Hill Mall as they waited for the chance to meet actors Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore.

The two play vampires Demetri and Felix in the next chapter of the Twilight series.

"Absolutely flattering," said Bewley of the intense fan attention. "I'm pretty sure my inner 14-year old is having a great time."

The actors' characters are members of the Volturi guard -- vampire royalty who uphold the rules in the vampiredom.

"As an actor, it's weird 'cause we haven’t even had our film come out yet so to have people be this excited about the characters already…it's awesome," Cudmore said.

During a visit to The 10! Show Tuesday morning, Bewley and Cudmore described their characters as "good guys" who keep Robert Pattinson's character Edward Cullen in line.

"It's actually Edward Cullen who's the bad guy here," Bewley proclaimed jokingly. "We're the good guys."

"It's just interpreted as bad," added Cudmore. "We're just doing our job."

Although, fans might not agree after the duo beats the heartthrob into submission in the film.

As for the obsessed "passionate" fans who showed up to see the faux vamps, they couldn't have been more happy to fulfill their Twilight hunger.

"I wasn't really into the vampire genre, but saw the movie and got hooked," said a mom. "The books are phenomenal. They're like vampire Pride and Prejudice."

Her daughter, though, had one particular vampire on her mind: "I think it's so popular because Robert Pattinson's so cute."

Sorry, fellas. The Twilight Saga: New Moon arrives in theatres on Nov. 20.

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