New Doc Reveals More About El Bulli

At the end of this month, El Bulli, the world-famous restaurant from Spanish gastronomic idol Ferran Adrià, will close its doors permanently. The event has inspired a flurry of journalists to pen what has been dubbed as IAAEB (I Ate At El Bulli) articles (a few examples here, here, and here), which describe hours-long, forty plus-course meals at the landmark in its final days.

Just before El Bulli shutters for good and kicks its eccentric elBulliFoundation plan into high gear (see details on that here), a documentary called El Bulli: Cooking in Progress will hit theaters in a limited release beginning July 27. With critics running out of novel things to say about the experience, we turned to the film for some fresh intel and came away with seven things you probably didn't already know about the magical place on the Costa Brava of Spain. After you look through our gallery, check out the trailer for the documentary below. [The Feast]

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