The Presidential Election is Finally Here!

Tina Fey & Sarah Palin side-by-side on SNL
Image by TaraLivesOn via Flickr

Not because I'm so glad that my candidate might win the election, or because I think that somehow everything will get better tomorrow after the election is done and the people have made their decision. I'm not even glad about it because of the obvious historic imapct of the election - that no matter what happens today, tomorrow will be a first for our country. Either the first African American President or the First Female Vice President.

No, I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm glad today is election day becuase it may mean an end to the ongoing speculation analysis ad second guessing done by the media. Though I must admit that i Loved Tina Fey's impressions of Sarah Palin (possibly the only thing about the election I have not tired of) I am over the endless accusations and suppositions and analysis.

Maybe tomorrow, whoever it is, can possibly get started thinking about actually running the country and getting our economic problems resolved in an expeditious manner. It would be a real relief!

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