Love Your Lunch, For Once

Amada's new special is worth checking out

There's a bright side to this recession thing: Restaurants are coming up with all sorts of deals and bargains to lure in customers. One man's economic panic is another man's full belly (or something to that effect).

The latest Philly fave to throw the masses a bone is Jose Garces' flagship restaurant, Amada. The tapas restaurant is offering a $12.50 lunch they're calling the "Catalan Express" that includes a choice of soup and either a salad or sandwich plus a non-alcoholic beverage.

The price isn't much more than you'd pay for a soup and sandwich combo at the corner deli and remember, this is Amada we're talking about. Can you really compare watered-down Campbell's and half a mystery meat hoagie with warm squash soup with bay scallops and a Serrano ham and fig salad with Cabrales?

Since reservations at peak times can be a challenge to score (and dinner will cost you ten times as much), the special provides a great means to experience the popular restaurant. And you won't even have to work overtime to pay for it!

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