Lunch Spot: Pace One Country Inn and Restaurant

If you have the winter blues and you’re looking for a place that has great food in a country setting, this is the place for you. This Lunch Spot is a rustic hideaway in Chester County.

You can literally hear the birds calling at Pace One Country Inn and Restaurant in Thornton, Chester County.  That’s how tranquil it is there. 

“It’s not trendy, it’s not edgy.  It is what it is,” owner Ted Pace said.

What it is--A barn that owner Ted Pace stumbled upon 30-years-ago.

“I found in the Daily Local Westchester, ‘barn for rent, $300 a month’,” said Pace.

Since then, Pace has kept the classic rustic feel of the place, transforming it into an Inn with a restaurant and bar downstairs.  One of their staples is the shrimp scampi.

And the secret?--Compound butter.

Chef Adam Solum let me in on the secret.  You start with butter that’s mixed with garlic, salt, pepper, mushrooms, green and red peppers, and soy sauce.

You start by melting the butter. 

Add in shrimp, onion, and tomato.  Then, Adam had a technique to help stir in the ingredients.

“You stir and toss at the same time,” Solum said.
When NBC 10’s Aditi Roy tried to do it, she couldn’t launch the pan!

But, no worries.  Adam told her the scampi would still taste great.

They added some spinach at the very end and dressed the plate with feta cheese, lemon, and parsley.  She sat down in a cozy corner and had a taste of the country life.

“Very nice.  I never thought I’d have shrimp scampi this good sitting in the middle of a barn,” Roy said.

The owner told her they open all the windows up during the spring and it’s also gorgeous during the fall. 

Pace One Restaurant & Country Inn
341 Thornton Rd
Thornton, PA 19373
Tel: (610) 459-3702

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