Lunch Spots: Morning Glory Diner

If you go to the Morning Glory Diner on a weekend, it is jam-packed and for good reason. 

You won't find typical greasy diner fare here.  The food is fresh and creative.  That's why the people who work there don't have a minute to spare.
At the Morning Glory Diner in South Philadelphia, the hardest thing to do in the kitchen is stay out of the way. 

“Whenever there’s a spare minute, if I’m working on one thing, I’ll run over and work on another thing, so that it all comes together at one time,” Morning Glory Diner’s cook Cooper said.

But, once we found a spare second, cook Cooper showed me how to make a fresh mozzarella sandwich with pesto, prosciutto, red peppers and spring mix.

The pesto is homemade and the other ingredients are homegrown, locally.  Everyone who works here has to go shopping.

“That’s a big part of the job, running around, buying things,” Andrew Bernard of Morning Glory Diner said.

Once we put the sandwich together, all I had to do was cut it.  And it was so much harder than it looked!  It was tough for me, but not for Cooper.

I was officially embarrassed.

Sheepishly, I proceeded to my next assignment.  This time, it was a monte cristo sandwich.

I dipped the bread into French toast batter and put some ham and in-house, roasted turkey on the grill.

Once we had our sandwich, it was time to cut, again and I did a much better job!

It was then time to eat and I polished off both sandwiches. 

Mission accomplished.  But, I’ll be back!  After all, Morning Glory’s food is the best thing since I learned how to slice bread.

I've been eating here for years and my personal, favorite entree is the pecan waffle with homemade peach butter. 

Morning Glory Diner: 735 S 10th St, Philadelphia 19147, Phone: 215-413-3999

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