Local Landmark Closed for Good

Olga’s Diner has shut its doors for the last time. And, this time it’s not because of a PSE&G bill or delinquent taxes. Olga’s Diner will shut down for good because of a lack of family support and staffing as well as problems with debt, said owner John Stavros.

The diner was forced to lock its doors three other times this year, once in October and twice in July.

Closed for business:

The most recent closing was October 17. Stavros owed PSE&G a pretty hefty price for gas and electricity; pretty hefty meaning $17,000. Can’t pay up? Can’t open for business.

The closing before that was July 24 through July 29. Stavros owed $37,000 in state taxes. And, on top of that, Stavros was hit with another PSE&G suspension forcing the diner to remain closed until August 1.

Olga's Diner was shuttered for the first time this year on July 2 because of an overdue gas bill. Again, can’t pay up, can’t open for business. The diner stayed closed for two days then reopened after Stavros paid the bill.

Many people in the Marlton area might find Olga’s finale heartbreaking. The diner has a lot of history; Stavros’ father opened the place on the Marlton Circle in 1959--this was actually the second Olga’s Diner in South Jersey.

The Stavros family opened an Olga’s Diner at 16th and Federal Streets in Camden back in 1946; that diner was open until 1981.

John Stavros, the current owner, took over the business after he left the Marines.

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