“Major League” Band Rocks “Hard” in Center City

Come rock out Thursday night as a local band takes a swing at the big time at the Hard Rock Cafe in Center City.

Major League -- an electric-eclectic rock group formed in 2008 by five South Jersey boys -- will celebrate their first record deal with a star-studded party.

Their music takes their sound from a combination of their favorite groups like The Scripts, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motley Crew. “We’ve all been blessed with the opportunity to come together and make music that everyone can love,” said band member Nick Trask.

The group was determined to be the next big thing, the next band to hit it out of the ballpark, hence the name Major League.

And what better place to launch their career then the city that is home to the 2008 World Champs?

Major League won't celebrate their first big hit alone. The public was invited to the band's official signing to Sporty Rich Records at the Hard Rock at 7 p.m.

Not only will there be live music from the band -- there will also be promotional CD giveaways, band autographs, a meet and greet, radio personalities and music celebrities.

Appearances will include Michael Bivins, Boys to Men, New Edition, Pink, Eve and Kenny Gamble, according to the label.

Somewhere around the ballpark of 1,000 people were expected to be in attendance, according to the label.The best move if you want to ensure your spot would be to show up early.

Major League wanted to hit a homer way out of the park so get out there to see if their swing is as big as their hype.

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