Kevin Bacon Wants to Save the Mummers

The Mummers Parade is in trouble and Philly natives Kevin and Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers are recording a special version of the title song, “New Year’s Day” off their newest CD on Wednesday to help raise money to save the Philadelphia tradition.

"The Mummer's culture is an eclectic mix of dance, music and dramatic staging expressed with unabashed exuberance but only once a year, on New Year's Day. It is as old and as much a part of Philadelphia's rich history as The Liberty Bell, The Philadelphia Orchestra and John Coltrane," according the Bacon Brothers.

But they’re not the only Philadelphians looking to help. Bunny Sigler, R & B pioneer and Grammy nominee and The Mummers’ All-Star String Band will contribute to the recording while Sound of Philadelphia cellist Larry Gold will produce “New Year’s Day.”

Proceeds from CD sales will go directly to the Save the Mummers Fund. The fund was set up after the city withdrew budget support for the parade and tacked on additional fees like paying police and sanitation employees for the New Year’s Day event.

The Mummers need between $1 and $2 million dollars annually to make their parade happen, but you can help. Buy the Bacon Brothers CD or donate to the fund; either way, you’ll be helping to save one of Philly’s oldest traditions.

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