Kōv Foods: A Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream

Kōv Foods has developed an ingenious ice cream alternative that’s not only dairy-free, it’s also soy-free and doesn’t use any of those flab-inducing high fructose corn syrups and refined sugars. After all, now is the time to trim up for those new fall fashions and Kōv (pronounced cove) is ready to help. In fact, this Philadelphia based dessert company is turning everything you know about a sweet treat upside down.

Safiya Carter founded Kōv as well as the idea to offer dessert seekers an alternative to both dairy and soy ice creams. The Kōv frozen treats are actually made with an extra-special (and often overlooked ingredient), coconut milk! Who knew coconut milk was so good for you? According to Kōv, this milk can actually stimulate metabolism and boost the immune system, brain function and bone health. Not to mention there’s no trans fat, cholesterol or artificial flavors. Could it be, a dessert that makes you slimmer and smarter?!

The certified organic dessert currently comes in two gourmet flavors; ginger vanilla and garden mint chocolate. Along with the coconut milk base, agave nectar, fresh ginger root, vanilla, cocoa powder and pure peppermint extract are added to flavor the “ice creams,” keeping them all natural. The frozen treats are both vegan, kosher and delicious making them a rare, guilt-free dessert that actually tastes as good as it sounds.

Kōv’s vision was never limited to just healthy dessert. The company is also a major supporter of local arts. While indulging your taste buds, flip the lid of that pint over and discover a spotlighted artist. Information about artist (and his/her works) can then be found on the Kōv website. Plus, a portion of the company’s profits are donated to select causes and each month Kōv plans to highlight a specific non-profit organization.

Alright, so where can you pick up a pint? Gourmet markets like Whole Foods and the Fair Food Farmstand at the Reading Terminal sell Kōv’s. Enjoy.

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