Joe and Jill Make Delaware Proud

It was business as usual today at Joe Biden's favorite coffee shop Brewhaha until about noon, when everything just kinda stopped and all the attention turned to a little laptop with a live stream.

“It was great everyone came out. It was a little bonding moment with the café. It was really nice,” said Brewhaha’s Miranda Peters.

It was the same deal next door at Cromwell’s Pub. Lots of people got sore necks looking up at the TV’s waiting to hear Biden take the oath of office.

Greenville’s own Joe Biden, the most popular guy in Delaware, was sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

“It's great for Delaware. It puts us on the map. He has been a good loyal servant and deserves it and I think he'll do a good job by us,” said Vicki Novak.

Across route 52 at the PureBread Deli, Vice President and Mrs. Biden will always just be "Joe and Jill” and when they come back home, they'll have a sandwich waiting for them.

“They're very nice, extremely nice, just like they're any other regular person which they are so,” said Allison Green of the Bidens.

For many people in Delaware, this was just another Tuesday, but many others stopped to ponder the midday moment…a day that will certainly get a special mention in the history books.

“I was ditching lunch to watch the speech. It was great! It’s actually pretty cool. It’s a time and moment where everybody is gonna say to their kids and grandkids, where were you?” said Missy Wilbur.

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