Jason Wu on Fall Investment Pieces

Designer Jason Wu just launched his Fall 2011 Collection and was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessory. He took a moment to chat with us about his new line, the inspiration for his lace detailing, and which pieces you should invest in for Fall.

The Feast D.C.: What are your favorite dresses from the Fall 2011 Collection?
JW: It's sort of hard to pick a favorite because it's picking between my children. Some of my favorite pieces are the lace-embellished coat, the cashmere sweatshirts with lace embellishment on the side, and the dresses that have these cutout lace motifs all over them, like fallen leaves. I was really taken with lace this season and I wanted to have fun with it.

The Feast: Where did the inspiration for lace come from?
JW: It came from Robert Polidori's pictures where he documented the restoration of the Versailles. I call this baroque sportswear. I thought the idea of taking baroque to a very casual direction was very modern and very fresh, combining unexpected elements like the casual ease of a sweatshirt with the opulence of lace, or putting beading on a parka. It's all about mixing two unlikely elements and making them a happy marriage.

The Feast: Which key pieces from this Collection would be good for women to invest in?
JW: The organza collar shirts are a really great print, they go with so many different outfits, and the bags are also great investment pieces. I launched my shoes and bag collection last September. It's really about designing pieces that are meant to last a lifetime, not just for a season. And the wool coat is really cozy, beautiful, well made, and classic, too.

The Feast: Congratulations on your CFDA nomination!
JW: Thank you! I feel like a newbie being nominated for the accessories category, but it's really flattering to be recognized by my colleagues.

The Feast: Are there any fellow nominees that you're particularly fond of?
JW: There definitely are. Alejandro is a friend, Pamela Love, I admire her work and I think she's really nice. There are so many. To be in the company of great designers is really a fantastic thing.


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