Isn't She Lovely?

Work it, girl.

On Wednesday, August 5, watch as these very talented (um, what?) hermit crabs claw their way to the top for the title of Miss Crustacean 2009 in Ocean City, New Jersey.

In this one-of-a-kind pageant, the winning crab will waddle down a flower-adorned runway to the tune of the event's theme song "Here It Comes, Miss Crustacean" and go home a title winner. Plus, she will capture the coveted Cucumber Rind Cup, a large trophy with a cucumber inside that represents a year's supply of food for the winner.

Shelly the Mermaid will host the event with Ted Prior, an Elvis performer, by her side.

The competition begins at 1 p.m. at the 6th Street beach.

The Miss Crustacean pageant will be followed by hermit crab races with about 150 crabathletes showcasing their athletic abilities.

If you think your hermit crab has what it takes to crawl away a winner, call 609-525-9300 and register. Entry is free.

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