I Swear! We Aren't Making This Stuff Up

We Won't Let You Suck Anymore

The disgruntled sportsman is NOT going to take it anymore! He has come out of his drunken stupor (brought on by the Phils World Series Win of course) and is speaking out for the city of Philadelphia-- Hey, Flyers, Sixers & Eagles: We won’t let you suck anymore! After the Eagles tie, (wait a minute, you can tie in football?) it is time to stop make the rest of our Philly professional sports teams accountable for their, less than best, performances.

Ouch! Danger at the Drive-Thru

When you roll up to Mickey D’s (McDonald’s) drive-thru, you don’t expect to roll out in an ambulance. Well, that’s what happened to one woman in Ogletown, DE. She leaned out of her car to try to pick up coins on the ground and her car rolled forward, according to Delaware police. It’s unknown whether her injuries were caused by the car door or by being pinned between the car and the side of the building. Delawareonline.com

Let’s call it “Gang 101”

Twenty-five employees from Our Lady of Lourde Medical Center were brought up-to-date on gang signs, colors and codes by the New Jersey State Parole Board's Street Gang Unit. Why? So, that they can keep the peace in their medical facilities. Training like this is taking place more and more to raise gang awareness—you don’t want members of a different gang brought to the same emergency room, do you? Courierpostonline.com

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