House Explodes in Allentown

A house has exploded on the 1300-block of Saint John Street in Allentown, Pa. injuring two men and literally shaking the neighborhood.

The reported explosion happened around 1:17 p.m., according to sources. The blast rattled neighbors homes and could be heard blocks away.

Two adult males, Cesar Coto and Miguel Irizarry, were inside the house at the time of the explosion, according to the "The Morning Call." Both men were conscious when taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital with minor injuries, according to fire officials.

"It was an early Christmas miracle that two people survived," said Allentown Fire Chief Bob Scheirer.

19 neighbors were evacuated from their homes. Three surrounding properties were damaged by the explosive blast.

The house is completely leveled, according to Allentown police.

The scene was amazing as a wheelchair could be seen hanging from a nearby tree and wreckage flew dozens of feet.

An investigation is under way to determine the cause of the explosion, but officials have ruled out a gas leak as a cause.

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