Police: High School Coach Choked Heckling Dad

A Lehigh County girl's basketball coach choked on the court and is now in a heap of trouble with the law.

Ken Shankweiler -- head coach of the Salisbury High School girl's varsity basketball team -- will be charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly choked the father of one of his players during a weekend game at the school, according to Salisbury Township Police.

Police will issue summons in mail for disorderly conduct.

Shankweiler told NBC 10 News that he has yet to be charged.

This is how the incident supposedly went down according to the Salisbury cops.

The dad, John Hrebick of Allentown, Pa., was sitting behind Coach Shankweiler in the stands Saturday night when the two got into a verbal argument.

Hrebick started heckling Shankweiler because he was apparently upset with how the coach was running the game. Coach Shankweiler turned around and grabbed the father by the throat and started choking him, according to police.

The two men had to be separated and no injuries were reported.

There was some sort of physical altercation between Shankweiler and a relative of a team member, said Salisbury High Athletic Services Director Monica Deeb.

Shankweiler said that everything was cleared up with heckling father on Saturday night.

The coach resigned from his post on Sunday, according to Deeb.

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