Grandparents, Grand Kids Tackle University Together

Not a dull moment at this college for grandparents and their grand kids

Hey Grandparents, gather up those grand kids (if you can) and get ready to go back to school.

Classes are now in session for an unlikely group of students -- grandparents and their grandchildren.

West Chester University held its first ever Grandparents University session this summer, from June 28 through June 30 -- and it seems fun.

They’ve got all the college bases covered -- well, within reason. From taking classes taught by university faculty, to living in the dorms and eating cafeteria food, these three days are all about fun and learning with family.

“We don’t often get a chance to participate in an activity such as this and what we have gained I think is an experience we won’t forget,” said West Chester University alum Bill Hummer.

The program is geared towards grandparents of any age and children ages eight to 14. Students can register in courses such as art, theater, history, communication, physical education and science.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison first came up with this fun idea, hoping to provide an interactive and educational bonding experience for grandparents and their grand kids.

“It’s a program that's going to boom, and I use that phrase specifically because as baby boomers who are grandparents move into retirement, they’re going to want to do more -- for themselves and their grandchildren,” said Barbara McClure-Luken of UW-Green Bay’s Office of Outreach and Extension, according to

How's dorm life?

There could be some improvements according to 12-year-old Evan Black. "The beds aren't as comfy as I'd hoped. That's for sure."

But overall, the program was a success. "It's more fun than I thought it would be. I like it a lot,” said Evan.

The session is already underway this year but make sure to email Mary Braz or call 610.436.3328 to find out more about the program for next summer.

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