Got Jokes?

Some are really good at fooling others with practical jokes. For example, in 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had bought the Liberty Bell from the government and were renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. Of course, Philadelphians were fuming and the Independence National Historic Park in Old City was flooded with calls from outraged residents for hours--until Taco Bell announced a few hours later it was all a big joke!

But if you need help planning the perfect April Fool’s prank, we’ve got some ideas that will leave your co-worker's scratching their heads.

  • If you have a phone system that allows conference calling, you can prank two people at once. Call the first victim’s extension, than quickly call the second victim and push the conference button, both people will think the other person called them and will begin arguing over who called whom!
  • Borrow your victim's car keys and make a copy. Every once in while, move the car a few parking spaces over, turn it around so it’s parked the opposite way or, if you really got guts, move it to the other side of the lot.
  • If you're a manager or department head, this trick will work like a charm. Just send out a memo of some kind of ridiculous policy change. Be creative!

    Here's an example:
    Sexual harassment is a pretty big issue everywhere. So let your workers know that it is now policy not to make eye contact while at work. Employees should look down and to the left while speaking to each other. If you need to look up at a computer screen or a report please ensure to cover your eyes to avoid any accidental eye contact.
  • Switch your victim's desk drawers around. If the drawers are not removable, just switch the location of all the stuff inside them.
  • Bill Gates probably wouldn't like Microsoft Word being used for evil, but too bad! On your victim's computer change the auto-correct feature in Word so it misspells common words like “the” and “and” with ones like “butt” or “you smell.” All you have to do is open MS Word, go to tools, auto correct, replace with (and then make your changes).
  • Use a piece of black electrical tape or a post-it to cover just the bottom of your victim's mouse. The laser will still be seen (from the side) making it look as if the mouse should be working.


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