Get in on Philly Bike Mania

According to a recent, stunning report from the Bicycle Coalition, Philly is in the midst of a two-wheeled revolution: We boast the highest rate of bicycling-per-capita in the U.S. The study also reports that the percentage of commuters that bike to work in Philly is twice-as-high as the next major city on the list, Chicago, with Center City and South Philly both ranking among the top-25 most bicycled areas in the entire country.

We know, we can't believe it, either. But, really, it's no wonder since bike initiatives are in full force around the area, and especially with avid cyclist Mayor Nutter in office, pushing to add more bike lanes, and bike paths springing up everywhere.

Of course, if you're going to join the two-wheeled revolution and start taking to the streets to get to work, you'll need the perfect city bike. The editor's at Bicycling Magazine have determined a winner for all around 'Best Recreational Road Bike,' in the 2011 Tarmac Elite Apex. Since most of us aren't competing in races, rocking fixed-gears, or trailing high up in the mountains, the Tarmac's carbon frame is super light and super sturdy, perfect for city navigating and storing on a fourth floor walk-up. You can pick up one of these babies locally at Bicycle Therapy.

It is in this this spirit that we accept the thrown gauntlet of the Colation's Commuter Challenge on Bike to Work Day this Friday. The company that logs the largest amount of bike-commuter hours can win super useful prizes like Zipcar giftcards and free Bike Coalition memberships.

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