Game Changers: Fighting Adversity to Win It All

Adversity has been the name of the game for the Frankford Chargers this season. They have seen violence in their neighborhoods and in August, violence touched their team.
Philadelphia Police say 14-year-old Shareef Jones attempted to rob a pizza delivery man when the delivery man fought back -- pulling out a gun. He shot and killed Jones with a weapon police say he had a permit for.

The pizza delivery man was a retired cop.
Jones was a player on the Frankford Chargers. He had been with his teammates the day he was killed.
Since then, the team has dedicated the season to Jones.
"Football keeps us off the streets," Charger Kevin Malone says.
Malone and his teammates have fought back against the adversity they've faced with a strong work ethic and long hours on the football field.
Now, the team has a chance to do something never done by the Frankford Chargers: bring home a Pop Warner National Title.
They won the D1 Eastern Regional Championship last Saturday. Now they are off to Disney World and the Pop Warner Super Bowl.

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