Free Sean Paul Concert

Nothing's better than hearing the word "free." As in a free concert. Or a free vacation. Well, you can have both by attending Sean Paul’s free concert on Sunday, August 16 at The Deck in Essington.

As for the free vacation, you can win that by simply attending the concert. People who attend the party will be chosen at random to hop aboard the Budweiser Port of Paradise Cruise Ship to the Bahamas.

And that is not even the best part. After landing on the private island in the Bahamas you will be greeted with a huge concert from the Dave Matthews Band.

Don’t try to get tickets from Ticketmaster or try to call the ticket office because you can’t buy tickets to Sean Paul live. Instead, you've gotta win the tickets from Wired 96.5.

There is no better way to toast to the end of summer then attending a party, winning a cruise, and seeing DMB live. So make sure to check out Sean Paul on August 16 at the Deck.

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