Free Coffee for Postal Workers

A reward for their hard work

We usually don't see them on a regular basis but we know they're doing their job when we all open up our mailboxes and retrieve our goodies (and by goodies we mean bills) every day.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't show them our appreciation a little more often.

Dunkin' Donuts has it under control, though. Wednesday, Nov. 25 they're giving out free coffee to all USPS letter carriers in the country -- any size -- to recognize all they do for us during the holiday season.

Also on Wednesday morning, the Dunkin' Donuts mascot himself will deliver coffee to the folks at the Main Post Office on Chestnut Street at 7 a.m. to wish them a happy Thanksgiving in person.

So we'll jump on the Dunkin' Donuts bandwagon and thank all the postal workers in advance for delivering our holiday letters and packages safely this year.

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