Fans Go Gaga Over Concert “Seating”

Fans have been told the show is now standing room only.

Lady Gaga fans are up in arms over paying extra for assigned seating back in November, only to find out that her Jan. 16 show at the Borgata is now standing room only.

And it seems this isn’t the first time Gaga – or her people -- have shaken thing up after tickets have been sold.

Ticketholders in Detroit and Chicago were left angry and frustrated when the pop star had to reschedule concerts and change venues to accommodate her large-scale production causing them to lose their seats, according to

And more of the same is happening in Atlantic City only days before The Monster Ball hits the Borgata.

Tickets to Saturday’s show were snatched up by adoring fans in just 90 seconds in November, 2009. Many purchased tickets that were $10 more than general admission tickets just to have a seat at the venue, however, the floor plan has since been changed by Gaga’s peeps.

Now, because of the change, concert-goers will be forced to stand.

The Borgata is apologetic and are willing to refund the $10 for those who had a seat or 100% of the ticket prices for those who don’t want to stand.

Here’s a statement released by the Borgata:

After much anticipation, we are pleased to have Grammy-nominated pop superstar Lady Gaga perform at the Borgata Event Center this Saturday, January 16. The show broke record as the fastest concert sellout in Borgata history, and the show continues to be one of the most sought-after tickets right now. Due to the show’s extensive stage production, all tickets purchased for the concert will be General Admission with standing room only. If ticketholders have any further questions, please contact 866-900-4TIX (4849).

But we say, stand up and in the words of Lady Gaga, “Just Dance.”

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