Experience Esprit on Walnut Street

ESPRIT SPIRIT: You might remember Esprit from the early 90s with its colorful sweatshirts and tees...well the brand is all grown up and it's opening it's first store in Philadelphia today!  The new store will offer a wide assortment of both men's and women's clothing and in honor of the grand opening, shoppers can buy one item and get 25% off the item of their choice!  You'll also get to hear some local bands for free during their in-store concert series! Esprit Philadelphia, 1729 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

ROSY CHEEKS: You know that post-workout glow you get when you finish a long, arduous session at the gym, well now you can get it anytime!  Achieve that perfect shade of rosy with Tarte's A Perfect Whirl Natural Swirl Cheek Stain. And if you needed more reasons to try out this "skinvigorating" line, use code FF09 to save 40% off your purchase!  $30 available at TarteCosmetics.com

OPEN DOOR POLICY: If you're arms are always full and you need some help holding the door open, then a James The Doorman Doorstop is just what you need!  This 2002 Peugeot Design Award winning doorstop is so much cooler (and brighter) than a basic wedge and he'll come in super handy next time you get home from a trip to the grocery store!  $21 available at Foster's Housewares, 399 Market Street, 215.925.0950

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