Election Day Escapism at the Colonial Theater

Less than a week, people! Can you believe it?

As this election campaign enters its final week, there are few bipartisan statements being bandied about. This contentious campaign has left a cantankerous citizenry in its wake, but conservatives and liberals can agree on one thing: We are all sick of this damn thing. Can't we just vote already?

It is with this in mind that Phoenixville's Colonial Theater presents Election Day Escapism, a shelter from the storm of American politics.

So if you want to start living your life in a post-election world as soon as possible, the Colonial offers two movies about—what else?—politics.

OK, so it’s not a total escape. But at least you can leave the arguing, the poll numbers, the pundits and the pandering to the politicos on screen while you take in two movies that examine the most tumultuous administration since—well, the current one, I guess.

The first is Dick, the simple story of two bobbleheaded blonde interns (played to perfection by Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst) unraveling the Watergate scandal through a series of serendipitous stumbles. The film is comedic and cutesy. But its success comes from its ability to still take the subject matter seriously. Basically, political corruption plays with our innocence and makes us all more cynical than we would like to be. And the teenage turmoil experienced by the main characters here underpins the best parts of our political process: the ability to start anew.

The second is a classic tale about the greatest bit of investigative journalism in American history. All the Presidents Men is more than just a great journalism story. It is told with breathless vision by director Alan J. Pakula, in the grand tradition of great detective stories.

This piece of sleuthing by Woodward and Bernstein speaks to the role of journalism in American politics, how media is supposed to protect the people from their leaders and keep the corruption in check—a role that many Americans have lost faith in. Let’s just say after watching All the Presidents Men, Fox News will make you want to punch Brit Hume in the face. More so.

So instead of watching the returns and biting your fingernails over who will be given the highest office in the land, disappear into the fictional world for a while. There will be plenty of time for reality over the next four years.

The Colonial Theater is located at 227 Bridge Street in Phoenixville
"All the Presidents Men" begins at 3 p.m. and "Dick" is playing at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 4
Tickets are $4-$8.

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