So Long, Charles Scott: Eagles Swap 6th-Round Picks With Cards

Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

Rookie running back Charles Scott has been banished to Arizona by the Eagles, who acquire rookie cornerback Jorrick Calvin in return. Both teams shed a 6th-round practice squad long shot in return for what they hope is a practice squad shorter shot.

In other words, each was likely going to be cut, so why not? Keeps the paperwork people fresh and nimble-fingered, like Don Draper in a hallway.

A former LSU standout, Scott was drafted as a halfback, but had a miserable pre-season in which it was discovered he couldn't catch a football -- and we all know how much Andy Reid likes his backs to be able to catch. He was eventually shoved behind Leonard Weaver at fullback, where he gathered dust like a doorstop. 

Now, Scott has a better chance to stay on board in Arizona, who just watched in horror as Nehemiah Broughton blew out his knee in Chicago. Scott will compete for a roster slot against Reagan Maui’a, a fullback from Hawaii famous for his ability to break through drywall. It's a wonderful world.

What the Iggles get in return is a 5'11" corner who began his career at Mississippi's East Central Community College (Motto: "Central, but slightly to the right"), transferred to Troy as a junior, and missed his entire senior season because he was academically ineligable. He had 76 tackles, 9 pass breakups, and two interceptions as a junior.

Calvin won't be expected to beat out Joselio Hanson, Trevard Lindley, and Dimitri Patterson. But the Eagles can take a flyer, incubate him on the practice squad, and see what happens. No harm done.

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