Eagles Cheerleaders' Favorite Hobbies

Find out some of their favorite hobbies

Some of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders were kind enough to share their favorite hobbies with NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Jennifer, a four year veteran of the squad, likes to do something that every woman can relate to -- shop! She loves to shop with her mom "If you consider it a hobby," she said.

"We try to do it at least once every few months... we always end up having a hilarious day."

Five-year-vet Amy likes to ski. She grew up outside of Scranton, Pa. -- a great location for skiing -- and looks forward to hitting the slopes each winter.

Eagles Cheerleaders newcomer D'Arcy has two favorite hobbies -- exercise and photography. She discussed her love for running earlier with NBCPhiladelphia.com as for the photography she likes to take photos then edit them on her computer.

Two-year cheerleader Priscilla likes to travel in her spare time.

"I love to travel and see new places," she told NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Right now Priscilla is planning a trip to Greece for the off-season.

The Eagles Cheerleaders will be sharing even more secrets with NBCPhiladelphia.com throughout the season -- stay tuned.

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