Disabled Man and His Dog Victims of Hit and Run

Dog severely injured, needs surgery

A disabled man and his dog were the victims of a hit and run in Ventnor, NJ early Monday morning.

William Rouche was walking his Labrador retriever Trapper just after midnight Monday near Monmouth and Newport Streets when he says a light colored car ran into him and his dog.

Rouche, who has a prosthetic leg, said he thought he had cleared the car when he was struck and knocked to the ground. He was unable to get up because of the damage to the prosthetic leg.

The 42-year-old Richard Stockton college professor then watched in horror, as 7-year-old Trapper was hit and dragged down the street by his leash. The car turned the corner before the leash broke free. The car then kept on driving.

"It was scary. And then I was so scared 'cause I saw the dog's face," Rouche said.

The car in question had stopped to drop someone off at a home on the street. Rouche said he did not know the person who was dropped off, but believes that person witnessed the accident.

After calling 911, Rouche said police who arrived on the scene followed a trail of blood in the street to Trapper who was badly injured.

The dog was taken to Margate Animal Hospital with severe skin lacerations and a broken toe.

"He's a very good dog. Yeah, he's really a good friend and a constant companion of mine," said Rouche.

Trapper is expected to recover, but will need to undergo surgery to amputate the broken toe and complete several weeks of rehabilitation therapy, according to a representative with the veterinary hospital.

Ventnor Police are investigating the incident.

This accident is just one in a series of unfortunate events for Rouche. He recently had his leg amputated due to complications from diabetes. And recently an out-of-control car crashed into his corner home.

Veterinarian Mark Newkirk and his staff are taking up a collection to help offset the cost of medical care.

"We are taking a fund here at the Margate Animal Hospital, [called] the Trapper Fund," Newkirk said.

If you would like to help donate towards the medical costs associated with Trapper’s care, you can contact the Margate Animal Hospital:

Margate Animal Hospital
9200 Ventnor Avenue
Margate, NJ 08402

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