Destroyer Play Sweltering Show

Dan Bejar and his Destroyer band mates blew into town yesterday for a gig at the First Unitarian Church, a show that had many a music critic salivating. What they hadn't counted on was the unusually warm weather pattern Philly enjoyed yesterday, which left the Church oppressively hot.

Fortunately, the show itself seemed to be largely worth the hype. Bejar and his mates played a setlist heavy on tracks from their most recent release, Kaputt, which features a kind of mash-up of sax-drenched muzak instrumentation laid over progressive beats and Bejar's breathy vocals, a sound that has won even more critical acclaim. Even though the full band only added to the heat index in the place, it was still a refreshing departure from Bejar's last trip to the Church, which was a good deal more, shall we say, spare.

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