Design NoLibs' “Curb Your Dog” Signs

It’s a crappy contest—literally. Northern Liberties wants YOU to design their dog poop signs.

Hey, we agree with Northern Liberties: Just ‘cause “Curb Your Dog” signs deal with crap doesn’t mean they have to look like crap.

To make sure it’s equipped with better-than-average signs, NoLibs is holding a contest: The neighborhood wants to see what you think a pick-up-after-your-dog sign should look like. They’re inviting submissions from Philadelphians who think they have what it takes to, uh, make a less-crappy crappy sign.

The winning sign will be selected via a vote at the Liberty Lands and Northern Liberties Neighbors Association clean-up day, April 4.

For those who are interested, here are the guidelines (straight from the NoLibs Neighbors Association):

  • Your sign should be appropriate for public display – if you can't imagine children painting copies of it, it probably won't work. (Bear in mind, though, that NL children tend to be pretty tough.) Save the inappropriate ideas for posting at your own house.
  • You may submit words only or graphics.
  • Your submission should be your work (i.e., not protected by someone else's copyright).

By submitting your idea, you give the NLNA permission to copy and use your design throughout the neighborhood.

If your sign is chosen, it will be posted at Liberty Lands Park, and you’ll get $25!

Submissions are due by April 4, and can be mailed or hand-delivered to:
Dog Sign Contest
c/o Northern Liberties Neighbors Association
700 North 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Alternatively, they can be e-mailed to, with s subject line of “dog sign contest”

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