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It’s Gonna Cost More to Cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge

Delaware Memorial Bridge toll to increase by at least $1 (without discount) in March

What to Know

  • Toll rates for the Delaware Memorial Bridge are going up to $5 per passenger car.
  • The last general toll increase took place in July 2011.
  • The revenue will be used to fund more than $440 million worth of infrastructure projects over the next five years.

It will cost more to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge next year.

The Delaware River and Bay Authority adopted a new toll schedule on Tuesday. The price to cross between New Jersey and Delaware will increase from $4 to $5 for cars and small trucks, beginning March 1. Commercial vehicles will pay $2 more per axle.

Motorists who participate in the agency's discount programs can save money. Discount rates are being adjusted for the second time in more than 30 years from 25 to 22 trips over 30 days.

The last general toll increase took place in July 2011.

The agency says the higher tolls are needed to help fund about $34 million in annual revenue that will go toward the DRBA's $440-million Capitol Improvement Program.

“The proposed toll structure protects cash reserves, debt coverage allowances and credit ratings that together are the hallmarks of appropriate fiscal management,” Chief Financial Officer Victor Ferzetti said. “The toll increase is not needed to fund the Authority’s operating budget. All of the additional revenue will be used to fund an appropriate and essential Capital Improvement Program.”

The agency says about 36 million vehicles travel the twin spans annually.

“Whether it’s traveling home from a family visit, commuting to work or transporting goods to the marketplace, millions of people rely on the Delaware Memorial Bridge every day,” DRBA Chairman James Hogan said. “Civil and structural engineers inspect the Twin Spans on a regular basis and recommend projects, upgrades and improvements to maintain this vital transportation link. Over the next five years, the DRBA will need to make significant infrastructure investments at the bridge that are both expensive and necessary to ensure public safety and uninterrupted traffic flow.”

The new toll rates are available by clicking here.

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