Curds ‘n Whey

Curds 'n Whey, a triplex cafe, gourmet shop and catering establishment based in Jenkintown, has just expanded for its 5th time since opening as a cheese store in 1973. You’ve likely dined at a foundation or company party in Center City, New Jersey or the Main Line catered by Curds ‘n Whey and not even known it.

The cafe now seats close to 50, and the lunch line around 12:30 p.m. suggests continued growth potential.

Regulars advise you to start with the brewed tropical iced tea. Varying daily, portabella mushroom soup (with or without cream) and split pea (cup, $2.99; bowl, $3.75) are among the most popular. Combine soup with selected half sandwich or salad for $7.99.

It’s hard to beat the citrus salad: Roasted turkey breast on a king-sized bed of spring greens, heaped with sugar-toasted almond slivers and mandarin oranges ($9.50). Drizzle at will the perky house vinaigrette or maple walnut dressing, or both! The poached pear salad ($8.99), Chesapeake salad (featuring crab meat and sunflower seeds, $11.99) and Boca Raton salad (grilled veggies and Asiago cheese tossed in balsamic reduction, $8.99) compete quite successfully.

Hot roast beef or ham melts on your choice of bread with a side ($8.99) have loyal fans who eat half for lunch and take the rest home for dinner. Chunky, crispy vegetarian wraps and quesadillas beckon to patrons otherwise tempted by the executive chef’s sandwich combos, steaks and burgers. Specify your preferences (heavier on the cheese, extra sauce, etc.), Curds ‘n Whey aims to please.

The top side dish and constant take-out choice is the broccoli salad. Rightfully so! Little nuggets of broccoli and cauliflower tips join red and yellow peppers, Bermuda onion, dried cranberries and pistachios in vinaigrette to produce a health food as delicious as it is beautiful.

“My vision is that I like to provide a fun atmosphere and give good food,” says founding owner Davida Berger. Delivered dinners and gift trays are also in high demand.

There’s a serious neighborhood feel here, with first names, occasional hugs, and even beverages and favorite entrees served preemptively to the regulars by longtime staff. Curds ‘n Whey is the sort of place where you’ll quickly become one of those regulars.

Curds 'n Whey
817 Old York Road, Jenkintown (located in the back of Noble Square shopping center)

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