“Crazy Sexy Cancer” Premieres at Art Fest

Cancer is a bitch. Like that obnoxious girl at school who no one really likes but everyone is afraid of, so it just keeps hanging around. But like any good warrior, cancer survivor Kris Carr decided to learn from her enemy.

In the film “Crazy Sexy Cancer,” premiering this Saturday at the First Person Arts Festival, Carr speaks of cancer as a guru of sorts, a way to reach a new plateau of enlightenment. Once thought as incurable, Carr's cancer finally went into remission, but not before she encountered every branch of the medical community. “Crazy Sexy Cancer” chronicles her journey dealing with both experienced medical professionals and a startling array of holistic healers and alternative medicine practitioners.

The experience led Carr to a new type of wisdom. “Crazy Sexy Cancer” explores the world of alternative medicine and holistic approaches to curing disease. With a little humor, a little emotion and a lot of work, “Crazy Sexy Cancer” brings Carr full circle, wiser and more ready to tackle the next of life's challenges.

After the screening, a discussion of holistic experts will discuss treatment options and the reality of holistic medicine. Can a change in diet effect health? Can regular exercise and sleeping patterns change your immune system? All will be revealed.

Before the film fills your mind with a new mentality about disease and self-love, you can fill your belly with a lunch prepared by natural food chef Christina Pirello. Christina followed a similar journey to health. She will share her own story and sign copies of her new cookbook “This Crazy Vegan Life: A Prescription for an Endangered Species.”

One day we will beat cancer. But if we stop looking for a cure-all miracle drug and focus on treatment and living a healthier life overall, we may find cancer has a lot more to teach us than we ever thought possible.

The “Crazy Sexy Cancer” event begins Saturday, Nov. 15 at 11:30 a.m. at the Painted Bride, 230 Vine St.

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