Capogiro Gelato Directly to Your Door

Capogiro Gelato, quite possibly Philly's greatest contribution to artisanal foods, is now available for home delivery. Yes, you read that right. While the full menu is not available (Capo's menu changes daily in many cases), many of your favorites are there for the taking. We're looking at you, Ciocolatto Scuro. A full pint of the super-rich frozen perfection will set you back $13.00, but considering two small scoops are about $5 in the store, it's not a ridiculous markup.

The full menu available from Capogiro includes: Fior di Latte, Dulce De Leche, Thai Coconut Milk, Ciocolatto Scuro, Ciocolatto, Hazelnut, and Pistachio.

Capogiro has partnered with Dash, who also brings Paesano's, Las Bugambilias, South Street Souvlaki, and Nick's Roast Beef to your door, so we're quite fond of the stable they're putting together over there. Word to the wise, you must order $15 worth of goods for them to arrive at your hovel, but we can't imagine that will be too difficult with all that great food to choose from. [The Feast]

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