Buses Replacing Trains Along SEPTA's Warminster Line Over the Weekend

The buses will serve riders between the Warminster and Glenside stations on both Saturday and Sunday.

Users along a portion of SEPTA's Warminster Regional Rail Line will see their service interrupted over the weekend as shuttle buses replace the train.

The buses will serve riders between the Warminster and Glenside stations on both Saturday and Sunday due to a track renewal project shutting down train service. Departure times for the buses will differ from the regularly scheduled train times.

Here is how the buses will operate for those traveling into Center City:

With the exception of the bus replacing train No. 477 - which will depart at the train's regularly scheduled time - the shuttles will be leaving Warminster Station 10 minutes earlier than regularly scheduled trains. The buses leaving from the Warminster station will make stops at the Hatboro, Willow Grove, Crestmont, Roslyn, Ardsley and Glenside stations.

At the Glenside station, riders will be able to leave the buses and board regularly scheduled trains to get to Center City. The only train with a departure time different than the regularly scheduled time will be train No. 477, which leaves Glenside Station 10 minutes later than normal.

For those leaving Center City, the buses will operate as follows:

Trains leaving Center City will depart at their regular times, but the schedule changes once they get to Glenside Station. The only exception will be train No. 478, which will leave Center City 10 minutes later than normal.

At Glenside, train riders will transfer onto the shuttle buses, which will be making stops Ardsley, Roslyn, Crestmont, Willow Grove and Hatboro stations before ending at Warminster Station.

Buses will arrive at Warminster Station later than the regularly scheduled trains would.

You can download the modified weekend schedule here.

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